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Pablo Etxeberria

Universidad Pública de Navarra

Hi all, my name is Pablo and I have been an international exchange student at UP. The semester 2019-2 has been my second adventure as an international student, as I had the opportunity to study abroad in the Netherlands in 2017.People told me that there is nothing as the first exchange experience, but Lima and UP have made my stay in Peru as good as my first exchange.

I came to Peru at the end of July. The first days were the hardest ones because of the cultural differences but now I can say that I am going to miss everything (except the traffic jams).

In regards of studies, I had the opportunity to work with very qualified professors. I have been studying in different fields regarding my economic studies where I had the opportunity to work with professors that are in charge of important Peruvian associations or even ex ministers. The class structure (between 20-30 students per class) made the experience fuller as the approximation to local students is easier than in other places.

Universidad del Pacífico also gave me the change to practice sport as a member of the UP swimming team. I have been a swimmer since I was a kid so having the opportunity to mix my studies with some sport have made everything easier, as sports helps me with the anxiety and the stress created by the studies. I was able to participate in the Peruvian Championship between universities and to win two medals in the meeting! What a surprise!

If you are doubting about it, just say yes. As I did. You will not regret it.

We had the integration week, in which we did a lot of different activities. Because of these days, I met some good friends from around the globe that I am going to take back home.

What a diverse country. Once you are here, you will easily forget about Machu Picchu and Cuzco, as Peru is full of possibilities for backpackers. From north to south, there is no region you do not have anything to do or eat (take into account that Peruvians are really proud of their cuisine).  You can find whatever you want: history, action or food.

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