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Marlene Gonzalez

Université Libre de Bruxelles

UP has definitely exceeded my expectations: professors were highly professional, but also close to students, administration was always helpful and kind, I never felt I could never have any help. Plus, the welcome week organized for the International students could not have been better (this is something we don’t even have in my home university). I definitely think I chose the right university to spend a semester.

Regarding my academic experience, I would recommend to pick the non-compulsory courses, as they are less hard than the optional courses. Contrary to my home university, teachers asked for different homework/essays/group projects each week, so it is more a continuous assessment which is carried on.

For me, the best place to live is Miraflores: it is not too far from the university (such as Barranco), it is safe, near the sea and relatively calm. Plus, there are always things to do in here.

I would definitely recommend not to miss any activity of the welcome week: that’s the core week were we all got to know each other. Also, do not hesitate to get to know your Peruvian classmates: they are really open, helpful and they definitely helped me to learn much more of their culture.

Do not miss the typical food whenever you go to a different region: Peru is a paradise for food lover.

The time here flees, so make each day, each trip and each experience counts: this is probably going to be the best experience of your life.

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