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Sofiya Ralcheva

Aarhus University, Denmark

As I lived many years both in Bulgaria and Denmark, I thought I was prepared, as I have experienced two completely different countries. But I was very wrong. Everything was shocking!

All the cars on the streets beeping like crazy all the time and the drivers shouting at me, having a shower with ice-cold water.

On the other hand, nature and history are impressive! When you get to travel, you forget about everything else. This country is so rich in natural wonders, there you can find everything: a dessert with oasis, forests, mountains, rivers, beaches, islands, jungle with pink dolphins swimming in the Amazon river. It feels like you are in a fairytale as soon as you get out of Lima. Definitely willing to return as a tourist.

You can contact Sofiya by Instagram: sofiya_ralcheva.

My first two weeks in Lima were very lonely as I did not know anyone.
My buddy  is a very nice and sweet girl, but she just did not have the time for being a buddy.
The buddies who helped me a lot instead were Maria Lucia Berrospi and Victor Raul Figueroa Vega. They were answering daily my questions, sending me resumes, and basically everything that I asked for.
Diego Nuñez Rossell was taking us around in Lima, showing us places and teaching us the Peruvian way.

Alice’s buddy Maria Lucia Berrospi chose my subjects for me. I asked for easy classes and soft subjects with professors, who are flexible towards the Exchange students. I am very satisfied with the choice she made.
No doubt about the professionalism of the teachers – they are all extremely intelligent and dedicated. They always teach us in an interacting way so we can learn actively in class.
The level of English and Spanish is advanced/ proficiency as expected.

Love & Hate relationship – this is how I describe my stay in Peru. All annoying things that fill my everyday stop mattering by the time I get to experience the nature and the locals.

The country is so indescribably beautiful. It has the gift of the most amazing and various nature which attracts millions of tourists any time of the year. Living in Lima is a nightmare for me, but I learned how to live with it, because there I met so many great Peruvians, with huge hearts. People who inspired me and taught me how to be fighters, how to make a life and follow your ambition, even if you have nothing or very little. They spread their love everywhere and if you reach out to them, you are more than welcome to be their friend. A piece of my heart will stay with these people forever. I will miss them and remember them my entire life as they became my heroes

I learned how to cook some Peruvian nice dishes.

Best experiences are all travels –  my favorite one is the jungle – that was an amazing adventure and my favorite part of Peru.

I will definitely remember the nature – for me, this is where you do not feel the gravity anymore and you transfer yourself into another universe.


About classes: Some subjects require a lot more preparation than others and more homework

In some, we have graded activities every week, while in others we do mostly group works and receive the final grade at the end of the semester.
I took private dance classes with George Peralta, a student from the UP, for a very reasonable price, and it was definitely worth the investment.

The courses I recommend are:

Comportamiento humano en las organizaciones (Eduardo Mindreau Silva)
Gestion de capital humano (Sara Geller)
Ciencia Politica (Jorge Valenzuela)
Language and the Workplace (Cecilia Montes)
Oral and Writing Skills for International Business Transactions (Carlos Eduardo Humberto Artieda de La Sotta)


Definitely bring a Go Pro camera/ any camera, a portable loudspeaker, trekking shoes and equipment if you have them, buy a bad, old phone, no heels for the girls. The weather is good so many summer clothes and bathing suits, surfing stuff if you have any.
It is very important to ask a lot about everything before you come, so be in contact with the university and your buddy and meet Peruvians as much as possible at early stages in order to find out what, how, and when to do everything in the right way.

Avoid bringing jewelry as it is dangerous to have them on in public.
You should know how to be overprotective about your bag and personal belongings.

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