Governing Extractive Industries. Politics, Histories, Ideas

I am pleased to share this new publication from Oxford University Press, the result of extensive research conducted under the Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) project at the University of Manchester.   Our team was led by Anthony Bebbington, with Abdul Garafu-Abdulai, Denise Humphreys Bebbington, Marja Hinfelaar and myself, and an amazing team of junior scholars, including Tanía Ramírez and Verónica Hurtado of Perú.    It takes a long-term view of the relationships between large-scale mining, elites and states, in Perú, Bolivia, Ghana and Zambia, and the political settlements (or lack thereof) that have emerged over time.   An open access version in English is available at this site:

The Spanish language edition will be published later this year by the Universidad del Pacífico Press (Fondo Editorial de la Universidad del Pacífico).

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